Winter at Noon
Her cues from the swirling sun, she offered a profile of

frozen spirals to the withering stems of fall.

Winter at Sunrise
Summer rendered and fall relinquished dreams due now to winter.  Her silvery dew reclaimed the moonlit visions reflected before in cloudless climes.
Then winter became.
The banner, the tender, the lover keeping vigil during the frosted hours of wanting.



"Speak slowly tongue of winter, leak only strokes of bright moonlight.
These streets I've weaved with hunger repeatedly with white sheet eyes
Beneath a lonesome moon, I hear, the city croons to me, no other.
The grieving streetlights monitored me well, since all was but frost..."

"No Other" song lyrics by Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan 
From the CD, "For Now I am Winter"

Winter at Midnight
She preys.  Do not stare. Do not dare expose.
For not only fingers and toes, she claims dormant dreams.
Frostbitten, snow bedridden, left for near dead dreams, her crown.
A cold-veined thief. Medusa of snow. Her wrath cuts through and beyond, chilling to the bone.

Concept Design and  Portrait Photography 

Copyright 2018 by Marie Teilhard Art. All Rights Reserved. 

Marie Teilhard Art

Concept, Props, Makeup, Costuming & Photography
Marie Teilhard