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*Fun fact: Title inspired by the opening "Space...the final frontier." by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek opening narrative.

Dark Energy

We have discovered that 75% of the universe consists of a mysterious dark energy. Recently described thusly, "As you zoom in from the entire observable universe, the first thing you notice is that matter on cosmic scales is distributed in a cobweblike pattern, a filigree of filaments ...."

‚ÄčThis image references the haunting dark energy that is regarded as the key link to galaxy formation. 

The Final Frontier*

Black Holes 

(When Wishes Die)
"When you wish upon a star..." Do dreams die when stars go dim?
Black holes result when stars or gas clouds collapse. Some black holes consume surrounding matter. And b/c of this activity, telltale "haloes" of bright light (accretion disks) surround them. Within these haloes, black holes find their fuel. Too from these haloes, new stars emerge!  

Dying wishes captured, decaying dreams surrendered to cosmic implosions can indeed seed new hope... and new life, new life so bright.

Gravitational Waves

(Cosmic Lullabies)
Big Bang Cosmology studies the universe in 3 words - beginning, expansion, and decay. Big Bang syncs well with the opening words of the Bible concerning creation "In the beginning." These words declare that space, time, matter, and energy began from nothing. In 2016, LIGO scientists detected gravitational waves -- ripples in the fabric of space-time resulting from the collision of black holes.  This discovery confirms relativity and the universe's early expansion period called "Inflation."

Gravitational waves are echoes of the beginning.

Blueshift is an astronomy term which describes the movement of a heavenly body towards the observer. Spatial objects moving toward us appear blue, while objects moving away appear red. 
Metaphorically, blueshift can describe the motion of dreams - dreaming moves us closer to the realm of authenticity, and perhaps to each other. Whether by day or by night, dreaming releases the psyche, soothes the soul, and transcends the limits of reason.