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" 'Whom shall I send to proclaim the salvation of the aesthetic kingdom, who will go for us?'  

Then through all my weakness, my sinfulness and my frailty my soul cried, 'Here I am, send me.'  I would as soon drown myself as undertake such a work unless He was with me, unless He called me, unless He sent me.  Jesus Christ is my Saviour, my Master, He is the hot coal from off the altar that has touched my soul, my eyes, my ears, my mouth -- and I must. 

Pray for me.  I do not know how this is to be done -- but there is something wrong somewhere, else Christians and art, music and poetry would not in their training be so opposed to Christ, mark you.  It is the training that is wrong, not the visible works of music and art and poetry.  Again I say, I do not know how this is to be accomplished, but if God calls, God will guide and I know that this kingdom shall become the kingdom of His Son.  I said I had begun, the outlook is almost too much, but for Jesus sake, I plunge into arduous hard study to prepare me, that men must listen. Because of the double authority which I must have -- of the knowledge and of God, in His strength there shall be both....

The kingdom of the aesthetics lies in a groveling quagmire, half fine, half impure; there is a crying need for a fearless preacher of Christ in the midst of that kingdom, for a fearless writer, writing with the blood of Christ, proclaiming His claims in the midst of that kingdom, for a fearless lecturer above pandering to popular taste, to warn and exhort that all the kingdoms of this world are to become Christ's -- that ARTISTS, POETS, and MUSICIANS be good and fearless Christians....

The duty of ministers is to instruct the people out of the bigoted notions against art.  It is for the man of God artist to enter this aesthetic kingdom and live and struggle and strain for its salvation and exaltation." 

~~ Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God, 1895, pp. 39-40

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