Concept Design and  Portrait Photography 

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Spring's Electric Expectation

Soon winter's sunset will become her sunrise.


* Fun fact - This line inspired by "Magnolia" from the Dutch musician, Young & Sick.
"Seen all angles of the moon... like a wildfire in the gloom, show us where to go....

the light is always you."

Spring's Reign

Every bloom and butterfly surrenders to her whim.


Spring. Bursting blossoms, refreshing raindrops, & soul-renewing fragrances.  While most spring images boast pastels and bouncy bunnies, here, spring is reflected in winter's shade. Spring in the shadows of dreams, desires, and dawn. Spring in the veiled, kinetic energy of dank, yet dignified darkness.  

What happens in the dim days just before revealing bloom? To bulbs seeded in the cocoon of winter's cold, cold soil? May those precious bulbs honor and nurture the beauty of seasonal isolation. For surely, suddenly they will emerge from the extended sunset to experience the glory of sunrise.

Spring's Fling

Flirting with illumination.

Marie Teilhard Art

Spring's Dawn

She awakens to the power of her light.*