Concept Design and  Portrait Photography 

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Warrior Angel

Love is war, War is love.


Before my ascension, just for a moment, 
Let me enter the dimension of love that was, of love that might have been.
When I say goodbye, give me wings made of petals, 
Forgotten, stolen, hidden whispers, β€œHe loves me, He loves me not....”
I want these wings.
Words unspoken, to hear at my last
Heartbeats unborn, to feel as my own
Joys unseen, to embrace with my light.
And wrap me as an unknown soldier in streams made of unuttered dreams, 
goodbyes never-ending, eternity everlasting.
I want these wings and streams when I ascend.
One passing moment of gorgeous mourning along the path to glory, 
In this precious dimension, before my ascension.


Marie Teilhard Art

 Mourning Love

Ready to fly.