Concept Design and  Portrait Photography 

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Marie Teilhard Art

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Who's the clumsiest person on the planet? Me -- if there's a wall, I'll bump it; a glass, I'll break it;  

a baby, I'll... well let's just say I admire little ones from afar.


Yes, ​I have an unparalleled superpower for parallel parking. Big cities, mid-size cars, tight spaces, no problem.


Along with 0.08% of the female population, I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ.  This tidbit alone will undoubtedly SCARE most.  

For others, it'll be the "aha, that's why" puzzle piece!


Favorite places: Reykjavik, Barcelona, Cost Plus World Market; libraries, and loose tea shops worldwide.


If I could be anything, other than who I am, I'd be an astronaut... or a full-time mystery shopper.


I'm a SCUBA Diver; have lots of stories on my near fatal underwater encounters with manta rays and fire coral!


Not really a fan of receiving gifts, unless they're edible or practical - like gift certificates for an oil change, laser hair removal, or

an airline ticket... preferably international.

My car exterior gets washed once every 3.5 years, whether it needs it or not (see above re gift certificates).


Am an unforgiving pen snob... fountains or gels only.  Ball points... YUCK!

There's only one music streaming provider, I will fall on my sword, or makeup brush for...

Try the Digitalis, Groove Salad, Indie Pop Rocks, Lush, or Sonic Universe stations.  

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​Crazy Tidbits

"I am fascinated by the integration of faith, art, and science. My aim is to explore conceptual beauty at micro, macro, and cosmic levels."

- Marie Teilhard

Marie holds a M.A. in Public Policy & Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University; a B.A. in Art History from the University of Chicago; and has earned a Graduate Certificate in Science - Faith Apologetics, from Hope International University.  She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Arts degree in Philosophy & Religion, with an emphasis in Cosmology and Aesthetics at Harrison Middleton University.  

Marie is a past award recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts - Arts Administration Fellowship. With a keen interest in theology, cosmology, and philosophy, she serves as a certified member of the Volunteer Apologist Community with the renowned science-faith think tank, Reasons to Believe.

Along with visual arts, Marie is Director of Academic Services, and Faculty in the Theology, Arts & Culture M.A. and Graduate Certificate programs, at Kilns College.

{*Last name pronounced "TAY-arr" like "play hard"}

"I am Concept Designer, as well as a Literary and Conceptual Artist.  I enjoy collaborating with kindred spirits to bring metaphors to life!

"My portraits represent modern Expressionism, an art movement that seeks to elicit emotional responses.  My images explore the human experience in a conceptual context.  

"Too, I engage in photography, modeling, and makeup-artistry.  Constructing my own props and backdrops from thrifted fabrics and objects,  I do all of the staging for my images.  Unless noted, all portraits are selfies.  My current site images were taken in my home studio (mostly in my bathroom and kitchen) with my iPhone 6s."


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